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California Senior Living Communities

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California is a geographic jewel with her 770-mile long coast, deserts, fertile valleys, imposing Sierra Nevada Mountains, and Redwood forests. Its climate is ideal: dry and sunny most of the year. And there are nearly 7000 options for seniors including thousands of California assisted living facilities. How do you decide which one is right for you? At Senior Living we've created an unbiased web database of choices from active lifestyle communities to Hospice to Alzheimer's care facilities. You'll find unadorned reviews from other residents who have experienced what it's like to live in these communities.

California Senior Living CommunitiesCalifornia’s ideal weather and picturesque scenery comes with a price. With state and local taxes at 10.5% (according to the Tax Foundation) and high housing costs, The Golden State has the second highest cost of living in the country. Fortunately, the median family income—$58,931—ranks high among the rest of the states. Social Security, VA, and railroad benefits are not taxed. All private, local, state and federal pensions are fully taxed. Property taxes are assessed on the homes 100% cash value. There is no inheritance tax. Like much of the country, California's housing prices have dropped over the last few years. For example, the median price of homes sold in San Diego recently was $370,000 versus $500,000 three years ago. Santa Clara's prices have dropped but the median is still hovering at $500,000. In Sacramento the median price recently dipped to $155,000. The overall economy in California is unhealthy. A recent study by the web site 24/ lists California as the 49th worst performing (economic) state in the country with its 12.4% unemployment, 28% drop in home prices (2006-2009), and government “mired in debt.” The silver lining in this for seniors wanting to move to the state is a much lower cost of housing—back down to earth pricing anyway. The hottest cities for seniors are Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fresno, and Sacramento. You may also want to check out our pages for Long Beach Senior Living, Oakland, and  Anaheim senior care.

The Cost Of Senior Living In California

Crime as a whole in California is 6% lower than the national average with property crimes accounting for 85% and violent crimes accounting for 14%. But the numbers vary widely from city to city. San Jose, for example, has an overall crime rate that is 26% lower than the national average. Stockton’s is nearly twice the national average. Santa Ana: 18% lower. Bakersfield: 33% higher.

If you’ve ever spent time in Rome or Barcelona you’ll know what the climate in much of California is like. The weather is ideal for seniors. It’s usually quite pleasant in most of the state though desert cities like Palm Springs can get uncomfortably hot in the summer. Northern California has a temperate climate with cooler summers and some snow in the winters. East into the mountains, the climate is similar to many higher elevation areas where the summers are warm and dry and the winters get lots of snow.

California Senior Living Amenities

How do you want to spend your retirement? If you don’t know yet it doesn’t matter. Chances are good that California can accommodate. From San Diego up to Eureka, California is one big playground. Hiking, biking, skiing, gambling, golfing (1140 courses), the arts, entertainment, birding, wine country, sailing, or just sitting on the beach. Do you want to continue your education? California has 23 state schools and 110 community colleges to pick from. If watching professional sports is your passion, not to worry. California has 23 pro teams up and down the state. Are you a naturalist? John Muir found California captivating. He had this to say about one of California’s parks: "No temple made with hands can compare with Yosemite...The grandest of all special temples of Nature.”

The hardest part about retiring may be figuring out where you want to live in California. If you already know, you can click on one of the cities in our list to find retirement communities that match your lifestyle. Not sure? Perform a search at the top for the type of community you’d like or need to live in. You can always fill out our information form and someone will get back to you. Senior Living will make finding the right California senior living communities as easy as possible.

If you need special assistance with senior care, the California Department of Aging is an excellent senior resource.

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