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SeniorLiving.Org Experts

Dementia Caregiving | Author | The Caregiver's Voice
Brenda Avadian, MA image

Brenda Avadian, MA, is an award-winning speaker who has established herself as a national spokesperson for family and professional caregivers. An internationally acclaimed author of eight books, Brenda is a pioneer in the field of family and professional caregiving.

Taoism | Meditation | Compassion
Elizabeth Reninger image

Elizabeth is expert writer for in the field of Taoism. She is a practitioner of the Taoist arts of qigong, acupuncture, tuina and poetry; and has been exploring the terrain of Inner Alchemy (Yoga/Qigong in various forms) for upwards of twenty-five years.

Chief Editor | Caregiver
Ken Teegardin image

Ken Teegardin has been creating content and curating the senior living database since 2005. After becoming the care giver for his father, he was inspired to create a website where seniors and care givers could get reliable information about senior care Ken also works with seniors with holistic health needs.

Neurosurgery | Spinal Surgery
Lloyd Maliner M.D. image

Lloyd Maliner, M.D. is a board certified neurosurgeon in private practice in Plantation, Florida. He specializes in the surgical care of the brain, spine, and nerves; with emphasis on minimally invasive spine surgery. He has given many presentations and written articles pertaining to senior issues regarding brain and spine problems.

Judaism | Aging And Mortality | Healthy Aging
Rabbi Richard Address D. Min image

Rabbi Richard Address has devoted his career to helping transform synagogues into caring communities.  Richard explores how the notion of a caring community can be transformative for individuals, particularly baby boomers struggling with issues of aging and mortality. He has contributed to numerous publication, web sites and is the author of several books including his more recent book "Seekers of Meaning: Baby Boomers, Judaism and the Pursuit of Healthy Aging".

Anesthesia | Pharmacology | Leadership
Dr. Nina Radcliff image

Dr. Radcliff is a leader in the fields of anesthesiology, geriatric care and leadership in the medical industry. She has taught at several prestigious universities and continues to write and present lectures and workshops. She is also a Legislator Ambassador for the New Jersey Society of Anesthesiologists.

Senior Care & Assisted Living
Chris Hawkins image

Chris Hawkins is the lead contributor and writer for SeniorLiving.Org. Chris has been researching and writing about seniors for over 2 years. He is also a frequent contributor to AssistedSeniorLiving.Net and many other informational websites.

SeniorLiving.Org offers experts in senior living and senior care an additional channel for spreading the word about their cause. If you are a specialist who works with seniors, we invite you to join our network and contribute to SeniorLiving.Org. Just use the contact us form to request inclusion in our expert publishing community.
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