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Florida Senior Living Communities

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It should come as no surprise that Florida has over 5000 senior living options. The state has long been the go-to place for retirement because of the pleasant year-round weather and plenty of sunshine. Florida is also a large state geographically stretching over 800 miles from the northwest corner to Key West. With so many options for retirement, it';s important to have an unbiased place to start your search. Senior Living was created for this purpose. We'll provide listings for all of Florida's senior living options from nursing homes to independent living communities. For those searching for Florida assisted living facilities, you will find some of most luxurious facilities in the country. And you'll be able to read what others are saying about their experiences in these communities.

Florida Senior Living Costs

Florida Senior Living CommunitiesFlorida has one of the lowest state and local tax burdens in the country at just 7.4%. This is because The Sunshine State is one of the few states in the U.S. to not charge a state income tax. There is no tax on retirement income, no inheritance tax and only a limited estate tax. These financial qualities make Florida an attractive option for seniors. Overall the cost of living here ranks at 28th in the country. Median household income is $44,736. The northern part of Florida along the Panhandle and across to Jacksonville is generally less expensive than the southern part of the state. Consider Pensacola, home of the “World’s Whitest Beaches” and its median house/condo value of $163,714 which is $55,000 less than the median Florida home value. Sarasota, a similar size city along the Gulf but 520 miles to the south, has a median home value of $207,674. Even the largest city in the state, Jacksonville, has home values at just 187,200. Jump across the state to the Atlantic side and you tend to find values considerably higher still. Ft. Lauderdale's median home value is $340,400.

Florida’s crime rate is 24% higher than the national average with property crimes accounting for 86% and the remainder violent crimes. Most of the larger Florida cities will have crime rates above the national average. Jacksonville's overall rate is 55% higher; Sarasota's is 86% higher; St. Petersburg's is 123% higher. Miami's is 80% higher.

The weather is what attracts many seniors to Florida. The entire state is hot and humid in the summer with mostly mild winters. But similar to housing prices, the weather is somewhat divided between the north and south. The area along the Panhandle across to Jacksonville experiences considerably cooler winters. For example, the average January high in Pensacola is 61 degrees while in Tampa it's 71 and in Miami 76 degrees. Hurricanes can affect any city along Florida's vast coastline on both the Gulf and Atlantic side and sometimes both are affected by the same storm. The large number of hurricanes in the past 15 years has contributed to increases in the cost of living for many Floridians as insurance premiums have skyrocketed. Seniors considering moving to a coastal city should research this aspect for their total cost of living.

With 1,481 golf courses across the state and year-round play, Florida is an oasis for golfers. It's also ideal for most outdoor activities year-round like tennis, walking, and cycling. Fishing is a popular sport all over the state whether you're into landing Marlins or Large Mouth Bass. One of the most popular forms of gambling in Florida is dog track racing. You'll find tracks all around the state. There are also Indian casinos and in Miami, Orlando and several other cities, the fast Basque sport of Jai alai is a popular gambling attraction. And of course one of the biggest leisure activities in Florida is simply enjoying the miles of beach.

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