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Georgia Senior Living Communities

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Possibly the most difficult retirement decision you'll have to make is where to live in Georgia: Like historic Savannah on the coast with its Spanish moss-draped oaks and Southern Gothic mansions, or Gainesville with its backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Lake Lanier. How about fast-paced Atlanta with its non-stop array of things to do? Fortunately, wherever you decide to live, there are many options for senior living communities in Georgia. That's why it's important to have an unbiased source of information at your fingertips. Senior Living—with 3000+ senior living options including over 1000 Georgia assisted living facilities —will assist you in finding the one that is right for you. Senior Living is the directory of senior living options where you'll find reviews from peers and valuable resources.

Georgia Senior Living

Senior Living In GeorgiaThe five largest cities in Georgia are Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, and Athens. These are excellent places to start your search for retirement communities because they offer seniors a wide variety of activities from sporting events to shopping. Along with location, you should also consider another important aspect of retirement: cost of living. While Georgia residents pay on average about 9.9% in state and local taxes (16th highest in the country), they enjoy an overall cost of living that is lower than all but 6 other states. Also, housing costs are lower than 90% of states—not bad for a state that offers a beautiful coastal region, mountains, and one of the largest most vibrant cities in the country. Social Security, military retirement, and VA benefits are not taxed. And there is no inheritance or gift tax. You can find more information about seniors at the Georgia Department of Human Services.

The crime rate in Georgia is higher than the national average. Property crimes in Georgia make are 89% of total crimes while violent crimes are at 13%. And this should be a consideration for seniors especially if you're considering a metropolitan area. All of the large cities like Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, and Columbus have higher rates than their rural counterparts. There's certainly a trade-off with living in a populated area with lots of things to do. The good news is that Atlanta has experienced a 100% drop in their crime rate index in the past 10 years.

If Florida's climate is considered the gold standard for seniors, the Peach State's climate is nothing short of that. Rarely does Georgia see snow. The coldest month of the year—January—has averages in the 50s. Like Florida, Georgia summers are hot and humid. June, July and August are the hottest months and with the humidity can feel oppressive at times. But if you want to escape the heat you can always go north into the cooler mountains for some relief or head to the coast. And unless you live near the coast, you're unlikely to feel the devastating effects of a hurricane like most Floridians.

Georgia Senior Living Amenities

 If you're a golfer, Georgia may be your Shangri La with over 500 golf courses and year-round play. And the country's premier golf tournament—The Masters—comes every year to Augusta. Athens with the University of Georgia has SEC football, a second religion in the South. No matter where you live in Georgia you're never more than a few hours from Atlanta—home to professional sports, a world-renowned symphony, and numerous art museums like the Morris Museum of Art. And it seems every time you turn around you're brushing against history in this former debtor's colony. Savannah was the center of a naval siege during the Revolutionary War and General Sherman in the Civil War ravaged much of the state.

If Georgia sounds like the ideal place to retire, allow Senior Living to help you in your search for a senior living community. Simply click on a Georgia city or enter your address or zip code in the search area for a list of communities. You can also fill out a form and someone from Senior Living will be in touch with you. It's just that easy to find Georgia senior living communities. 

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