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Maryland Senior Living Communities

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If you’re looking for information about senior living communities in Maryland, you’ve found the website that will provide you with a wealth of information. There are at least 643 assisted living options in Maryland; and Senior Living Communities is the most comprehensive directory on the web, providing unbiased information about these various options -- from very active lifestyle and “independent living” situations, to retirement communities and other assisted living situations (such as nursing homes or in-home residential care), as well as hospice care.  Because we’re not associated with any specific care providers, we can make available both positive and negative reviews of various senior living situations -- so you can have access to the honest and uncensored experiences of other seniors.
Use the Senior Living website in the following three ways, in order to find senior living options in Maryland: (1) Click on a Maryland city to see the list of its options;  (2) Enter a street address to find senior living nearest to a desired location; or (3) Fill out a form provided on this site, and someone will contact you. Senior living is best, of course, when it’s close to family and friends!  So if you or a loved one is considering Maryland as a place to enjoy your senior years, Senior Living has all the facts you’ll need, to make the transition effortlessly.

Maryland Senior Living Information

Maryland’s five largest cities are Baltimore, Columbia, Silver Spring, Dundalk and Wheaton-Glenmont.  The larger the city, of course, the more options for senior living.  While Maryland can offer a fantastic senior lifestyle, it’s also a relatively expensive place to live. It has the highest median household income of any state.  Maryland’s cost of living index for housing is 169 (compared to the nationwide average of 100). In addition the cost of health care index is 106 and the cost of living index for utilities is 122.  State and local taxes in Maryland comprise approximately 10.3% of per capita income.  The crime rate in Maryland is only slightly higher than the national average.

Maryland Senior LivingMaryland has a wide variety of climates. Its eastern half, which lies on the Atlantic coastal plain (including southern and eastern Baltimore), has a subtropical climate: hot, humid summers and short, mild winters. In the higher elevations of western Maryland, in contrast, one is likely to experience milder summers and more snowy winters. Annual rainfall ranges from 35 to 45 inches, with more in higher elevations. Temperatures, generally speaking, range from the 30’s to the 40’s in winter, and into the 80’s in midsummer.

Senior Living Amenities In Maryland

For many seniors considering Maryland as a retirement option, amenities are an important factor. Participating in activities like golf, gambling and the arts can be wonderful ways to stay active and engaged with and enjoyment of life.  Maryland’s amenities for seniors include 231 golf courses (Berlin, Baltimore, and Silver Spring ranking as the cities with the greatest number of golf courses).  Maryland’s gambling laws are quite liberal, with the state allowing charitable, pari-mutuel, lotteries, commercial and racetrack gaming. Maryland also has a very rich offering of art galleries (more than 20 major galleries in Baltimore alone), and is home to several major and minor league sports franchises.  All in all, Maryland has much to offer, by way of amenities, to seniors making their home there.

The Senior Living website allows you to access detailed information about the numerous options for Maryland senior living communities. Search by city and state, or by address; or fill out a simple online form, and we’ll be in touch to support you in finding exactly the information that you need.

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