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Michigan Senior Living Communities

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The Great Lakes State is home over 5000 care options for seniors. With so many choices you need all the help you can get in narrowing down where you want to live. Senior Living was created to assist you in your search by providing an unbiased directory of senior living facilities from active lifestyle homes to nursing homes with dementia care. We are unbiased because we're not affiliated with any service providers. You'll find the pros and cons of each facility from other seniors across the state.

The three largest cities in Michigan are Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Warren. Compared with the rest of the country, Michigan residents enjoy a fairly moderate cost of living that is lower than 28 states. Michiganders’ taxes are about average at 9.4%. The state doesn’t tax social security, military retirement, VA benefits, or state/local government retirement. There is no inheritance tax and the estate tax is limited to the federal estate tax amount. Property taxes are assessed at 50% of a home’s true cash value. These numbers make it attractive to seniors who are on a fixed budget. The overall economy of Michigan took a pretty big hit in the financial crisis, particularly Detroit and its auto industry. The median household income for was $28,730 in 2008 compared to $48,591 for the rest of the state. The state also offers an wide range of Michigan assisted living facilities.

The crime rate is an important consideration for most seniors. Michigan's rate is just under the national average with property crimes at 85% and violent crimes accounting for 14% which is 9% higher than other states. Much of the state's violent crime is concentrated in Detroit where the overall rate of crime is nearly triple the country's rate. The good news is that this rate has come down about 20% over the last 10 years. Mid-size cities like Ann Arbor, for example, have crime rates well below the national average.

New York Assisted Living CommunitiesMichigan has four distinct seasons with the severity of each season divided into two distinct regions: the Upper Peninsula (UP) and the Lower Peninsula. Summers are hot and humid while spring and fall are mild for the most part. Winters are typically harsh with lots of snowfall and freezing temperatures for the months of December through February. The differences between the UP and Lower Peninsula are found primarily in the winter months where for example, the UP’s Marquette averages temperatures 10 degrees lower than Detroit.

If you're an active senior Michigan has many options around the state to keep up with your lifestyle. There are over 1000 golf courses throughout the state. And having four of the five Great Lakes border the state, Michigan has one of the largest boating communities in the country. Michigan takes its gambling seriously with casinos located throughout the state in places like Detroit, Battle Creek and Marquette. And for a taste of culture, Detroit has a number of world-class offerings including an international jazz festival, opera house, theater district and many festivals celebrating the city’s deep musical roots.

Deciding where to retire in Michigan doesn’t have to be hard especially when you have the resources of Senior Living to help you make an informed decision. It's easy. Pick from our list of cities for additional information or type your address in the box above and we'll show you all the available communities in your area. You can also fill out the information form and someone will get back to you. Finding senior living communities in Michigan is easy with Senior Living.

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