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Oregon Senior Living Communities

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Oregon may be the ideal place for active seniors. With skiing, hiking, biking, and water sports throughout the state, Oregon ranks high for its rich and varied outdoor activities. The entire state is a natural wonderland from the Pacific coast with its evergreen forests and volcanic rock formations to the verdant Willamette Valley to the Cascade Range that greets the Great Basin high desert in the east. The hardest part about retiring in Oregon will be deciding on which of the 300 plus assisted living options to choose from. At Senior Living we're committed to making this process as easy as possible. We offer an unbiased web directory resource to help you in your search for the ideal retirement community. Plus, you can read reviews from other seniors about their experiences.

Oregon Senior Living Communities Oregon's three largest cities are Portland, Eugene, and Salem. Oregon's per capita income was $38,801 as of 2008. With a total state and local burden of 9.4% the state sits right in the middle of the country for tax rates. Social Security, VA benefits, and Federal benefits including military are not taxed. It doesn't allow homeowners exemptions and there is an inheritance tax that corresponds with the federal estate tax return. Oregon's median price asked for vacant for-sale houses and condos in 2008 was $330,665. The overall cost of living is the 10th highest in the country. Not the ideal situation for those on a fixed income. But living in Oregon it's all about the lifestyle. Let's look at a few cities and their home prices. In 2010, the average price in Beaverton was around $220,000; Eugene about $225,000 and Bend about $200,000. No matter where you retire within any of the major cities of Oregon, you are going to pay roughly the same for housing.

The average Oregon crime rate is a little less than the national average with the property crimes rate sitting at 93% and the violent crimes rate at 7%. Portland and Eugene sit at 18% higher than the national overall crime average. Bend's and Salem's are a little lower than the average while Beaverton's is less than half the national average.

The western portion of Oregon is primarily influenced by the Pacific Ocean which brings rainy winters and mild, pleasant summers. The eastern section of the state sees much drier conditions with abundant snowfall in the higher elevations and sometimes hot summers. Bend, for example, sees mainly warm days and cool nights with fairly low precipitation. Winter daytime temperatures in Bend average about 30 degrees and total winter snowfall averages about 27 inches. By comparison, Portland averages just 5 inches of snow but 37 inches of rain. And their winter months average 10 degrees warmer than Bend.

If you're looking for outdoor fun, Oregon has it. Whether it's windsurfing on Hood River, skiing Mt. Bachelor, or mountain biking in Bend, Oregon has something for every senior. Portland offers hundreds of miles of bike paths and walk-ways as well as a rich cultural landscape that includes the opera, ballet, and symphony. Portland also has a vibrant shopping area and an emerging restaurant culture.

Is Oregon the ideal retirement for you? You can start to answer this question by researching Oregon's assisted living communities here at Senior Living. Click on a city in the list or type in your address in the box at the top to see what senior living communities are in the area you want to live. You can also fill out our information form and we'll get back to you. We'll try to make to finding Oregon senior living communities as easy as possible.

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