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Pennsylvania Senior Living Communities

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How do you know which senior community is right for you especially with over 2700 options across the state of Pennsylvania? At Senior Living we initially asked the same question. That’s why we put together this unbiased web directory. You can narrow your search by city or town and by which type of assisted living option you need: nursing home, Hospice, independent living, Alzheimer’s Care, CCRC, etc. Additionally, you’ll see unvarnished reviews from other seniors with experiences in these various communities.

Pennsylvania Senior LivingPennsylvanians pay 3.07% for their income taxes and 6% sales tax in most areas. The Median household income is $49,520 and they are 23rd among states for overall cost of living. Social Security, VA benefits, United Mine Workers pensions, civil service annuities, and military pensions are all not taxed. If you’ve reached the age of 59 1/2, your retirement income is not taxed. Property taxes are assessed at the local level. Speaking of property let’s look at some average home prices in the state’s largest cities. In Pittsburgh the average price is $132,232; Philly $235,807; Allentown $234,398.

The state’s crime rate is 23% lower than the national average with property crimes accounting for 86% and the remainder going to violent crimes. Let’s take a look at the largest cities: Pittsburgh’s overall crime rate is 48% higher than the average; Philadelphia comes in at 75% higher; Allentown is 56% higher.

The Keystone State has two fairly different climate zones. The eastern part of the state experiences more moderate winters and warmer summers while the western end, particularly near Lake Erie, have colder winters and cooler summers. In Erie, the normal January high is 33 degrees while in Philadelphia it is 39 degrees. The lake-effect can also bring over 100 inches of snow in a year to cities around Lake Erie.

For recreationists, the state has 811 public and private golf courses. Do you like to gamble? There are nine casinos across Pennsylvania with three more under construction. For birders, Pittsburgh is home to the National aviary, the largest in the U.S. with over 600 birds and 200 species. Philadelphia is home to the country’s first zoo as well as popular Philadelphia Museum of Art. If you like to be outside, all 121 of the state’s parks have free admission.

Start your search for retirement communities right now with Senior Living’s comprehensive web database. Click on one of the cities or type your address in the box above to find the options in your surrounding area. You can also fill out our information form and someone from Senior Living will get back to you. Finding the right senior living communities in Pennsylvania just got a little easier.

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