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Virginia Senior Living Communities

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If you're looking for information about senior living communities in Virginia, you've come to the right place! Virginia offers upwards of 1321 senior living options: retirement communities, nursing homes, in-home residential and assisted living situations, retirement communities, adult day care, a whole range of independent living situations, and hospice care. As the most comprehensive directory on the web, the Senior Living website offers detailed information about these various options, including unbiased (positive and negative) reviews submitted by fellow senior citizens. We’re not affiliated with any particular care provider, which means that the information we provide is guaranteed to be straightforward and trustworthy.

Virginia Senior Living Communities

Using the Senior Living website to find information about Virginia's assisted living facilities and senior living communities is easy! Simply (1) Click on a Virginia city to see the list of its options; or (2) Enter a Virginia street address to find senior living nearest to a desired location; or (3) Fill out a form provided on this site, and someone will contact you. Use the Senior Living website in these three ways to find a situation that fits your needs perfectly, and allows you (or your loved one) to live close to family and friends, and to enjoy fully, in their senior years, all the amenities that Virginia has to offer.

Virginia Senior Living Information

It is in the larger cities, of course, that one finds the greatest number of options for senior living. Virginia's largest cities (all with populations well above 100,000) are Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond, Arlington and Chesapeake. In comparison to the national average, Virginia's overall cost of living is moderate. Personal income taxes are collected in five income brackets, ranging from 3.0% to 5.75%. Virginia sales and use tax rate is 4%, while the tax rate on food is 1.5%. The weather in Virginia varies according to location, becoming more warm and humid the further south and east one travels. Average wintertime lows are in the 20s, and summertime highs are in the 80’s. The potential for hurricanes is real in the Chesapeake Bay area. Virginia's crime rate is significantly lower than the national average.

Senior Living Amenities In Virginia

The quality of one's senior years depends in large part upon staying involved in activities for which we feel passion and enjoyment. For this reason, knowing about available amenities is important for many seniors considering retirement options in Virginia. Along these lines: Virginia has 414 golf courses, with Virginia Beach and Richmond being the most abundantly-endowed golfing cities. Virginia's gambling laws are on the conservative side, though lotteries, pari-mutuel and charitable gaming is available. Though Virginia’s public funding for the arts is less than most other states, it still boasts some very fine artistic attractions, including the Virginia Museum for Fine Arts, the National Air and Space Museum, and the unique Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts.

Whether searching by city and state, or by street address; or by filling out a simple online form, we’re confident that the Senior Living website will continue to be an invaluable resource for you, for locating the Virginia senior living community that perfectly suits your needs.

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